Foot Surgery

foot surgery procedures

Foot Surgeons

We will be adding a few different common type of foot surgery procedures that Dr. Dennis Timko performs on a regular basis.

Here’s a short list of some of the most common foot and ankle surgeries that Dr. Dennis Timko performs on a regular basis.

Most patients that I see in my practice, prior to seeing a podiatrist, patients tell me that they didn’t realize the a podiatrist could perform foot surgery procedures that I have listed below.  Most podiatrist are now trained 3 years in a foot and ankle surgical residency that provides significant training in all aspects of foot surgery.

Foot Surgery Procedures


Bunionette or tailors bunion repair

Hammer toe repair

ankle fracture open reduction with internal fixation

plantar fasciotomy

charcot joint reconstruction

achilles tendon repair

flat foot reconstruction for pediatrics and adults

fracture repair of foot bones

amputation of toe or foot