Downtown St. Louis podiatrist office

1108 Olive St. Suite 100  St. Louis, MO 63101

The Downtown Saint Louis podiatrist clinic is located within the Downtown urgent care building. Please call Arch City Foot & Ankle directly or via online

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Why I feel that downtown St. Louis is a growing are and there’s a need for medical care.  Today, the population of St. Louis City is 353,837.  There are less than 10 physicians whom which are MDs, DOs, or DPMs.  This means that most of those patients will have to drive or find some sort of transportation to locate a doctor as close to downtown Saint Louis podiatrist as possible.  Also there are more large businesses that require health care for there employees.  Some of these businesses are AT&T, Peabody, and Laclead Gas.  With health care reform and the need to save money, the first step is to find local health care in your area that will allow employees to take less time off from work to see there doctor when there downtown saint louis podiatrist is within walking distance.


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