Safe topical fungus toenail treatment

Topical fungus toenail treatment is safer than laser or oral medications

The gold standard for treatment of true onychomycosis is the use of oral anti-fungal medication, the most popular being Lamisil tablets.

The situation, however, is not quite so black and white. For many people, oral Lamisil is not an option because of the potential adverse effects on the liver, kidney and changes in a patient’s blood picture. So obviously people with severe liver disease or kidney disease would not be candidates for Lamisil (even with the pulse dosing method that I discuss in my nail fungus article). In these individuals topical application of anti-fungal medication is the only viable option.

fungus toenailsAnother significant problem with Lamisil is that it is only indicated for two of the organisms that can cause fungus nails, T. rubrum and T. mentagrophytes. Yes, these also happen to be the most common culprits in the formation of fungus nails, but they are not the only ones. So, if a patient has grossly deformed nails which are not caused by either of the two aforementioned organisms, the Lamisil will be useless. So once again these individuals are left with only one option, topical medication.

So why do I recommend different topical fungus toenail treatment for fungus toenails such as:

In addition to being effective against T. rubrum and T. Mentagrophytes, the medications are also effective against other organisms which can cause fungus nails, primarily Candida Albicans, Epidermophyton floccosum and Microsporum gypseum.

Since most of the organisms that cause nail fungus reside underneath the nail, applying medication to the top of the nail is an effort in futility unless there is a transport system that will take the medication down through the nail. All noted topical fungus toenail treatment above have such a mechanism. It is an oil based solution which allows the medication to penetrate through the nail unlike other over the counter preparations which are either water or alcohol based.

fungus toenail treatmentCompared to some of the other topical medications I have seen or tried, Formula 3 is:

  • odorless
  • will not stain, no greasy lacquer build up
  • will not irritate surrounding skin
  • absorbed in seconds
  • requires no drying time
  • residue free-no removal or cleaning required by patient
  • will not blacken nails
  • helps condition the nail and surrounding skin

Formula 3 is applied twice a day with the included brush. It is best to then rub the liquid into the affected nails with your fingers. There is no prolonged drying time nor do the nails have to be covered, so you can go about your business immediately.It is important to note that you cannot wear nail polish during the treatment period as the medication will not penetrate through the polish.For those of you who have extremely thick distorted and discolored nails it is recommended that you either cut or file away as much diseased nail as possible or better yet, consider seeing a podiatrist who will be able to remove most of the diseased nail (painless procedure), so that the medication can be more effective.Unlike skin infections where once you start rubbing medication on the area, the skin begins to clear up, this does not happen with nail disease. What happens here is the medication kills the fungus but the diseased nail will not clear up; it has to be cut away and of course is replaced by healthy nail which is growing in behind it.If there is a “down side” to the use of topical fungus toenail treatments and nail preparations it is that it takes a while for the nails to totally clear primarily for the reason stated in the previous paragraph. Large toenails can take upwards of 9-12 months to clear while the smaller nails will take less time.  Formula 3 is not sold in stores as the manufacturer’s business model is to limit its sale through doctors offices. Because they are so confident of its success and to give our patient’s peace of mind, they offer a no questions asked full refund of the purchase price at any time whether the bottle is completely full, half full or totally empty. Whether you have been using the medication for a day or a year. So, you actually get to try the medication for the full prescribing term and if it does not work, you can ask for a refund. All that is required is that you call their toll free number located on the box and just mention the doctor from whom you purchased the bottle from. (In this case, it would be Dennis Timko DPM). You do not even have to return the unused portion. In my opinion this is the true definition of a risk free offer.  Formula 3 and most all other effective topical fungus toenail treatment sells for on the average, $40.00 per bottle.