Flat foot or Pes Planus

flat foot typeWhat is Flat Foot?

Flat foot is a physical deformity where there is an absence of the arch that runs from the heel of the foot to the toes.


A common symptom flatfoot his pain associated with joint stiffness and arthritis in the foot. In some instances, flatfoot arises from abnormal foot development as a child. In adults, flat fee may be caused by an injury to the foot or ankle that may cause tendon injury or arthritis. Other symptoms include:

  • inability to stand
  • pain in the sides of the ankle
  • muscle cramps in the foot and calf
  • generalized leg and foot fatigue
  • difficulty standing and walking
  • knee discomfort

Treatment options Treatment of symptomatic flat foot depends on the severity of the condition. Mild cases can be treated with physical therapy, supportive shoes, shoe inserts (orthotics), and bracing and casting of the foot. The additional support provided by these treatments will not correct the condition, but may provide temporary relief. Severe cases with pain in other problems may need to be treated surgically. There are several types of surgical procedures that are being used to correct severe flatfoot. These options include: reconstruction of bone, tendons, or ligaments that may be converting to the condition. Your doctor will carefully consider all options before choosing the treatment that is most suitable to you. There is one surgical option where the use of an implant that is inserted into the foot, such as the subtalar MBA implant and will prevent collapse of the arch.