Top ten reasons why I enjoying trimming toenails better than performing foot surgery.

Want to know why a well trained and qualified St. Louis Podiatrist prefers treating nasty toenail fungus over performing cool foot surgeries to help survive the change of healthcare reform and my opinion on the Yankees signing Japanese pitcher, Masahiro Tanaka.

Being a podiatrist takes patience, time (4 year Bachelors degree, 4 years of Podiatry school, 3 years of surgical residency), money ($25,000/yr in 1996-2000), effort, and much more.  After 10 years of podiatry practice, I have come to the conclusion that I don’t need an ego.  I completed one of the best residencies in the country, trained and qualified and board certified to perform many different types of foot surgery, including open reduction with internal fixation of ankle fractures to amputations of the foot and toes, to sport injuries like plantar fascial tears.  All this and I’ve realized that its time to realize that healthcare reform and medicine in the US is changing and we need to adjust to the changes.  Here’s my list of why I love trimming toenails:

  1. Simple, easy and painless
  2. Only need a $75-$100 toe nail nipper that will last 5-10 years only made of German stainless steel.  No expensive surgical tools or implants needed to cost the government millions.
  3. Will NEVER get sued over trimming toenails (well I hope I just didn’t jinx myself!).
  4. Patients are ALWAYS happy after my treatments (as long as they don’t have Alzheimer’s disease) and in 10 years of practice no one has ever complained about a bill for trimming nails, they know what to expect and they always feel better when they leave the office.
  5. I can see 4-5 patient per hour versus 1 bunionectomy in 2 hours (bunionectomy surgery includes driving time to and from surgery center, dictation, talking with family, etc.)  The more patients I can see, then the more that are going to be happy with my services.
  6. Don’t lose any sleep over it.
  7. Keeps my malpractice cost very low.
  8. Documentation is easier.  (But sometimes boring)
  9. Takes LESS time to schedule, administrative work, and easy to know who qualifies for the treatment (only diabetics, people with PVD, anyone taking anticoagulate medications, or if the fungus nails are painful)
  10. I perform this treatment from ANYWHERE!  Don’t need expensive surgical suites in my office.  How about I make a trip to your home (only if your homebound).  Home care is the future of medicine.  If healthcare reform wants to PREVENT disease then it starts in the home!

My baseball rant for my podcast is about the New York Yankees latest free agent signing of Mashihora Tankaka, the Japanese pitcher.  Seven years and $155 million is alot for a unproven pitcher in MLB.  I will talk about why this signing was good short term, but bad long term for the Yankees.

Top ten reasons trimming toenails are better than doing surgery

by Dr. Dennis Timko

Dr. Dennis M. Timko

Dr. Dennis M. Timko


Dr. Dennis Timko, is a podiatrist in the St. Louis, Eureka, MO. area. Dr. Timko specializes in diabetic foot care, foot surgery, AFOs, and orthotics. Dr. Timko is the solo owner of Arch City Foot & Ankle, which has been in business since 2003.